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User Manager - ActiveX/DLL
Authentication, Security, User Management and Remote Access

Add advanced Security and User Management with Remote Access to your applications instantly with User Manager.

User Manager is an Enterprise Software Component wrapped in a ActiveX DLL for ease of use and reusability. It offers login validation, user management, authentication, access control, permissions, group management, security management and remote administration features. Incorporated as standard is industry level encryption to ensure the highest level of security making it suitable for the most demanding and secure environments including the Police, Military and Banking installations.

Security Management and Access Control

User Manager effectively manages your Application Security with powerful Access Control and User Management capabilities.

Designed to be incorporated into your desktop developments quickly for a complete and resuable user and security management solution with Remote Admin features. The appeal and functionality of your products will be greatly enhanced using this component and you gain expert security features while saving thousands of man-hours of development.

Some of the many features included as standard:-

User Manager

User Manager is a revelation in user security and security management and including it in your projects will be the best investment and choice you could possible make.

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Advanced Management

The Advanced Management Console is a central point of Administration for all User Information, Permissions, Access and Security.

Files can be Opened, Saved, Imported and Exported in different formats for entry into Spreadsheets and Word Processors. Printing facilities and report generation are included as standard enabling advanced monitoring and control of users and computers with daily and weekly report generation for security audits.

User Accounts and Access Rights

Users can be setup with sophisticated access, permissions and group memberships. Policies and authentication options can be enforced on each account along with administration privileges.

Account Policies

User accounts can be locked out after a defined number of failed logins and password lengths, duration and expirations can be easily configured.

Group Membership and Permissions

Groups can be setup to include users and permissions defined on Groups. This powerful feature of User Manager allows sophisticated Group management of Users and Permissions within your applications.

Advanced Session Control

User Sessions can be controlled from the Session Console. Users can be Logged off or Locked out at the click of a button.

Simple Messaging System

User Manager includes a Messaging system to allow Messages to be posted to Users and displayed after Login or viewed from the Messages window.

Security Auditing and Logging

Advanced logging features monitor all user sessions, activities both local and remote and file transfers. All logs can be exported to spreadsheets printed or saved for later inspection. Complete security auditing and reporting for piece of mind and user accountability.

Remote Access and Control

User Manager features full remote access and desktop control with network-based remote monitoring, control, updating and File Transfer.

All networked computers can be managed from one central location. This includes the ability to remotely monitor, update, logoff, shut down, reboot or reconfigure.

Remote installs, uninstalls, and management: Administrators can also run commands remotely -- installers, uninstallers, maintenance programs, batch files, or any other software.

File Transfer Console

Fully featured File Transfer control panel. Any machine on a network running User Manager can be accessed by the File Transfer console. All File Transfers can be logged to keep a secure record of all File Transfers.

Process Control

Processes running on local or remote machines can be viewed and controlled via the Process Control panel. Invalid or illegal programs can be shutdown to prevent security hazards.

File Maintenance and Backup/Restore Utilities

Data Recovery and Backup are included as standard with User Manager along with Backup warnings. You can protect your security data by regular backups to removable media.

There is nothing more important then to maintain health data files. User Manager includes a compact utility to ensure data is stored in optimal format. This can be used on a regular basis to keep your security data files optimized.

Industry/Military Standard Security

User Manager uses strong encryption and adaptive file structures so your applications will be completely secure. Especially suitable for all high security environments including Police,Military or Banking installations.


Disk Space Required: 15MB
Memory Required: 32MB


One software license is required per developer.
Run-time licenses required.


 Operating System for Deployment
    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows NT 4.0
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
 Architecture of Product
 Tool Type
 Component Type
    COM Object/ActiveX DLL/In-Process Server
 Built Using
    Visual Basic V6.0
 Business Function
    Security and Administration
    Supports Apartment Model Threading
 Year 2000 Compliance
 Compatible Containers
    Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
    Microsoft Visual Studio 97
    Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
    Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0

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