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Loan Calculator - ActiveX/OCX * Requires Loan Engine ActiveX
Finance and Financial Components

Product Details

Loan Calculator and Loan Engine components are designed to add complex financial calculations and user interfaces to your software applications. Our software can create Loan management and Installment Credit systems overnight with an advanced series of finance components designed for loans, installment credit, mortgages, credit cards and most typical credit scenarios.

Some of Loan Calculators features:-

  • Loan Calculations, APR's, Amortization
  • Installment Credit, Mortgages, Credit Cards etc.
  • Fees, Insurance's, Transactions and Variable Rate Interests
  • Management of Payments and Installments
  • Status codes and workflow management
  • Advanced HTML and XML Reporting
  • Export lists to Microsoft Excel
  • Setup Loan, Fee and Insurance Defaults
  • Loan Activity and Auditing
  • Loan Recycling and Search controls
  • Flexible User Interface
  • International Currency and Decimal notations
  • Full Database support - MSAccess, SQL Server
  • Application Level functionality

Our software delivers complete application level functionality with detailed reporting, accounting and a comprehensive user interface. The components quickly integrate into your development projects with logical and user intuitive layouts and advanced functionality.

Loan Explorer Illustration

Browse, Search and view detailed Information on Loans with the Loan Explorer control.

Loan Calculator Illustration

View more Screenshots

Loan Calculator is an advanced ActiveX Component designed to complement the Loan Engine with a comprehensive user interface and flexible setup options. The Loan Calculator component comprises of a suite of controls for administration of money lending, paying back credit with interest, variable rate interest, most installment credit scenarios, transactions, Interest Rates, APR's and much more...When added to the Visual Basic IDE the controls can be simply dropped onto the forms of your desktop developments. Functionality for APR's, Interest, Amortization, Fees, Insurance's, Installment Schedules, XML Output and HTML Report generation have been incorporated in these very powerful and unique controls.

Loan Calculator is fully integrated with the Loan Engine giving full Database support for data persistence. The Loan Explorer control illustrated above allows Loans to be browsed and edited from your Data source. Different currency and decimal notations are included to ensure a truly versatile and internationally compatible control.

Installment Credit, Loans, Mortgages, Credit Cards…

Our finance component software covers all types of money lending including installment credit, mortgages and credit cards. These finance components allow loans and repayments to be calculated and detailed reports to be viewed along with installment schedules.

Amortization and Interest

Detailed reporting on amortization and interest can be displayed on loans by using the custom controls. The control can be dropped into your development workspace and customized according to your requirements.

Variable Rate Interest

Variable rate interest can be defined using the interest profile control. Differing Interest and rules can be applied to the loan using a variable interest profile.

Fees and Insurance's

Fees can be defined and applied to each Loan. The Fees can be setup to be paid at specified periods of the Loan or spread in Installment's. Similarly Insurance's can be setup in the same way giving the flexibility to incorporate your own Fees, Insurance's and Charges to any Loan.

Payments and Transactions

Professional versions of our finance components feature full payment and transaction accounting. This enables payments and/or transactions to be made against loan.

The Balance and Payments calculator enable the user to view payments made against a Loan and the outstanding balance. The user can also add transactions to a Loan with varying types of Interest.

International Conventions

The user interface and formatting on each control can be customized accordingly to match different currency and decimal symbol notations giving a truly internationally compatible user interface.

HTML Reporting

Full HTML report generation is included in the control allowing detailed reports to be created for each Loan. These reports can be Printed, Previewed or Saved as HTML documents.

User Intuitive Architecture

Our software components create intelligent, user-centric software with high usability. Working with user intuitive architecture principles. Data from each control can be exported to Microsoft Excel to allow flexible reporting.

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    Disk Space Required: 20MB
    Disk Memory Required: 128MB
    Loan Engine DLL


One software license is required per developer.
Run-time licenses required.


 Operating System for Deployment
    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows NT 4.0
    Windows 2000
 Architecture of Product
 Tool Type
 Component Type
    COM Object/ActiveX DLL/In-Process Server
 Built Using
    Visual Basic V6.0
 Business Function
    Supports Apartment Model Threading
 Year 2000 Compliance
 Compatible Containers
    Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
    Microsoft Visual Studio 97
    Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
    Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0

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*Note you will need to download the Loan Engine in order for this component to work.

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