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Enhanced Controls [Multi-Lingual] - ActiveX/OCX
User Interface Components

The Enhanced Controls suite adds enhanced functionality, a rich graphical interface and Multi-Lingual support to the Visual Basic IDE.

This collection of ActiveX Controls are unique in their support for five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

For a small cost you will transform your developments by using the Enhanced Controls suite.

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Product Details

The Enhanced Controls suite includes a unique collection of the best ActiveX controls for Visual Basic development.

Overview of the Enhanced Controls suite: -

  • AnimGif - A unique Control for playing Animated GIF Files.
  • Balloon - An Information Balloon for Messages, Tooltips etc.
  • Banner Control - Win XP style Banner for Wizards etc.
  • Big Horizontal Scroll Bar - Overcomes the Integer limit of the standard scroll bars for large lists etc.
  • Big Timer Control - A Timer with a Second Interval.
  • Big Vertical Scroll Bar - Overcomes the Integer limit of the standard scroll bars for large lists etc.
  • Browse File- File Browsing Control.
  • Browse Folder- Folder Browsing Control.
  • Button - An On/Off Button Control.
  • CPU Usage - Control to display CPU Utilization.
  • Date Picker - Multi-Lingual Date Picker control.
  • Enhanced Checkbox - Graphical Improvement over standard version.
  • Enhanced Frame - Graphical Improvement over standard version with Header and Footer.
  • Enhanced Horizontal Slider - Graphical improvements to standard slider controls.
  • Enhanced Message Box - Multi-Lingual Message Box with support for different fonts, sizes, colors, graphics and Richtext. A must!!!
  • Enhanced Progress - Improved functionality and appearance.
  • Enhanced Textbox - The Enhanced Textbox includes additional properties for formatting and validation. The standard VB textbox is somewhat limited in its capabilities and this control has been designed to offer complete control over entry validation and formatting.
  • Enhanced Vertical Slider - Graphical improvements to standard slider controls.
  • Folder List - Display Files and Folders in a List View.
  • Folder Tree - Displays File Folders in a Tree View.
  • Logo Bar - Win XP style Banner for menu's etc.
  • Network Tree - Display Network Nodes.
  • Splitter - Add horizontal and vertical splitter bars to forms.
  • Switch - An On/Off Switch Control.
  • Three3DLine
  • Ticker Control - Message Scroller.
  • Titlebar Control - Outlook style Titlebar.
  • Tray Icon - Easily add Icons to the System Tray with this control.

Each control includes additional or enhanced properties making them more flexible and robust than the standard built-in controls, giving additional functionality and Multi-Lingual support.

Supports five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Language can be selected from the Property pages.


Disk Space Required: 5MB
Memory Required: 32MB


One software license is required per developer.
Run-time royalty free.


 Operating System for Deployment
    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows NT 4.0
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
 Architecture of Product
 Tool Type
 Component Type
    COM Object/ActiveX OCX/In-Process Server
 Built Using
    Visual Basic V6.0
 Business Function
    User Interface Components
    Supports Apartment Model Threading
 Year 2000 Compliance
 Compatible Containers
    Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
    Microsoft Visual Studio 97
    Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
    Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0

Retail Pricing and Buying Options

There are various licensing options and payment methods. Click the links below to view prices and buying options.

For specialist requirements please contact us.

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